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new here

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hi everyone, im a new on this site, ive been visiting this site for a couple weeks, and monday night(12/17) i bought a 2008 nissan titan pro4x king cab with the utili-trac system...and i have to say i love this truck, man is it fun to drive...thanks for all of your expertise:cheers:
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Welcome to the club bro.. :cheers:
Welcome the the family. :cheers: What color is your Pro4x?
Congrats and welcome!
Welcome to the forums. Enjoy the truck, and the information here.
welcome to TT, there's a world of knowledge here for all your needs, everything from lifts, to lowering, supercharging, to fuel savings :jester: enjoy the site and post pic's when you can....
Welcome to the forums.
welcome to the forum! enjoy - lots of good information for sure!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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