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New Horn Wiring Question -- Need some HELP

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I got a set of older Cadillac Fleetwood/Buick Roadmaster horns (4 note horn system Cadillac Buick Park avenue A,C,D,F Train)

( that

sound great on the original cars -- my Mom had them on her car back in tha day (like mid '90's)

There are four (4) horns in the set and I need some help in how to hook the up so I avoid frying the electrical system -- was thinking just wire into existing relay nut a guy at local shop that does train horns, headlights stereo's etc said I should do a totally separate circuit with a pair of relays and separate switch

I'd really like them to just replace the wimpy factory horn - suggestions?
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There are a myriad of wiring diagrams to do this available online with all kinds of options. Not sure about the dual relays and separate switch. That sounds like overkill.

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I put my extra horn on a toggle so I could still use the stock horn when I took the truck in for inspection. The diagram looked something like this:

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