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Thats right! :) From now until Sept 30th, 2013 - Airaid Intakes is offering a $30 cash back rebate on all MXP orders from TAP Auto Parts.

Total Auto Performance - Las Vegas, NV
702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166

The Airaid MXP for the Nissan Titan, Armada & Infiniti QX56 is without a doubt one of the highest performing, most thoroughly developed intakes on the market for the powerful VK56. With its 90mm piping, internal velocity stack and massive 1700CFM air filter, other systems on the market just look weak in comparison. 100's of users on TitanTalk are rocking this system with great results!

Airaid MXP w/ SynthaFlow Oiled Airfilter
PN - 520-284
MSRP: $446.00
----->CLICK TO PURCHASE!!!!!!<-----

Airaid MXP w/ SynthaMax Dry Airfilter
PN - 521-284
MSRP: $458.31
----->CLICK TO PURCHASE!!!!!!<-----

Airaid Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer - Works great with intake!
PN - 520-538
MSRP: $199
Promo Discount: *Must be purchased and shipped with MXP Intake*

Airaid Pre-filter Wrap - Extra protection when you need it!
PN - 799-472
MSRP: $52.12
Promo Discount: with intake purchase! *Must be purchased and shipped with MXP Intake*

Airaid Econoaid Throttle Body Booster
PN - 1007
MSRP: $40

Nissan Titan 2004-2014
Nissan Armada 2005-2013
Infiniti QX56 2004-2012

How to purchase!
1. Add select Airaid Items to Shopping Cart
2. Enter Promocode TITANTALK on checkout
3. Mail in Airaid $30 Rebate form seen below

Want to place an order??
Click the links above!
By Phone - 702-979-1577 | 888-244-6166
By Email - [email protected]
By Private Message


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