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New... Introduction Forum?

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New here. I see the little message on the top of my screen about making my first post but I couldnt find an "introductions forum" so I guess General Discussion will do...

I picked up an 08 SE KC LWB Smoke w/ Popular Pkg, Tow, Trac, Utility bed last night for a VPP price (2.75% under Invoice) + the $5k rebate! :D I think i ended up paying approx $25k out the door or something like that. The VPP pricing takes 2.75 % off, but I have to pay the destination or something so its only about $100 under invoice.

I tried to research all mid/full size trucks I could and the deals really wouldnt get any better then the titan right now. Even a Frontier/Tacoma was just as expensive for the models I wanted! Same goes for all the other full size trucks out there.

Got the truck to haul around my track toy~

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Welcome too TT. You well become addictive. Congrats.:cheers:
You made a good choice with your Titan and with this forum. I am new here myself and find I check in everyday just to see what everyone is up to. I think you will enjoy your time here. Welcome.
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