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new key fob

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does anybody know how to program a new keyless entry keyfob
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welcome to TT

i'm not sure, but the best place to get it programmed is the dealer, i don't know if there are programmers that can be bought but who knows. either way there was someone on TT that had a new fob programed and it didn't work. the best option would be to go to the dealer with all the keys and fobs for the truck so they can program all of them at once. if you program just one, it might not work or the existing ones you have wont work

hope this helps
thanks,i guess i will try that
also what is this 2 degree timing advance i keep reading about?what does it do for a pretty much stock titan other than a cold air intake and flowmaster super 44 exhaust
the timing advance will get you a bit more power, people that have cat-back exhaust systems lose some low end power, and with the timing advance they say they get that low end power back. but it will add some power
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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