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New keys when replacing stolen tailgate?

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I just joined a small sad club on Friday night when my tailgate was stolen.

Do you guys know what all is involved in getting it replaced? I've heard that they come unpainted/unassembled to dealer, who assembles it for a small fee :upsidedow

Can they match the lock to my current keys, or have to re-key the whole truck? (maybe a dopey question, but I have no clue with these fancy security keys.)
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The dealers around here, bring all the replacement cylinders to us to key to their customers keys. So, if you get the parts, take the cylinder to a locksmith and they can key it the same as your existing key!!! Sorry to hear about the theft! I hate people!!!
thanks for the info!! I appreciate the kind words too.

I'm a fairly paranoid type when it comes to theft, and I just never anticipated tailgate theft. I had no idea it was so fast and easy to steal them grr
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