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new leather yay or nay.....

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too bad im stuck with it.

my wife wanted leather so i negotiated leather into the purchase of our truck so when the dealer ship had it put in by a shop, she picked out what she wanted, I think she did pretty good. better than what i thought it was gonna be. tell me what you guys think.

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I like it! The only thing I'd add would be the door panel there above the armrest.....maybe add a little red to it but otherwise, that's real sharp!
damn i'm so jealous!!!
looks great man
Basically what i want but i want radiant silver centers and stitching instead of red. Is that katzkins?


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I agree, it looks great! My Katzkins are similar except I have the blue suede inserts instead of red. I got some extra blue suede and put it on the door panels and it looks so much better than the matching should definitely try putting at least some red stitching on the door panels.
Like it. The color combination is just perfect.
I love the red towel under the car seat, we do the same in our T. The leather seats look Awesome!
I dig it. :thumbsup: I bet it smells purdy, too.

Black on black with red accents, nice.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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