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New lights in

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So I had already added the smaller piaas where the fog lights go about a year and a half ago but wanted more before the dezert season. So after seeing maxima619 titan My wife told me to add a few more lights too my truck. What a great wife I have she lets me buy stuff for my truck, gives me ideas on what to do to my truck and dosen't ask to drive my truck, What a great wife. Any ways with the help of my nine year old daughter, with out her I could not have pulled the switch wire from behind the master cylinder. She had small enough hands to fit back there.We got them done.


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Look good there.
Your wife have any sisters?:D
Very nice lights.:thumbsup:
The lights look great. Im looking at something a little similar but Im using a brush guard or modified brush guard to do it. Any problems with cooling? Not sure where you are, but Im in the Phoenix metro area and blocking off that area might cause some cooling problems down here.
nice job i just mounted the small one in the same place i think it looks better than the stock fog lights myself, by the way how did you mount your?
I like those PIAA fogs! :thumbsup: Nice job on the triples too!
i want to do that so bad but i just can see spending 7-8 hundo on lights thats ill rarely use. my babys a pavement pounder.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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