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Hello All.

I have just recently purchased a 2005 Nordic White Titan SE PRO-4X with 178,000KM. (110,600 Miles).

There are a few issues I am working out with the dealer, but for the most part, truck is solid. Dealer replaced the following:

Oil Pan
Front Shocks
Leaf Spring
One Drivers side wheel bearing and ABS sensor
Parking Brake Cable

The truck used to have an issue with SLIP, ABS, Brake, Service Engine and 4WD light on (was blamed on the wheel bearing they have now changed).

I went to pick up the truck yesterday and took for test drive. All lights were off. Excellent.
But if I corner around sharper corners (more load?) the brake light comes on.. and about 10 seconds later, the 4WD light comes on. They suspect that due to wheel bearing being diff (non-nissan bearing) on one side, it's causing it to trip. Any thoughts?

My only other gripe is the noisy rear end (only when under load). Fluid is good and level. Their mechanic says normal for 12 year old truck. Meh. Picked it up for $8000 CAN (5600 US).

My real concern right now is that Brake Light followed by 4WD light. Truck runs fine other than that!
Thanks for the read and look forward to sharing my Titan stories with the community!
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Yay. Good to know. So guess they stickered it. So it would be the XE King Cab then. Has a tow package. Thanks for letting me know.
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