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New Member in Hampton Roads, VA

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New member reporting.
First time Nissan owner here. I was very temped to go with a Tundra (having had an FJ Cruiser for several years) but the cost benefit analysis and direction from the boss lady made me buy the Nissan.
We purchased a 2017 Titan SL last week.
We've already taken it out for a camping trip to Green Ridge State Forest in Maryland towing my expedition trailer.
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welcome to the site Coastie.....(i am assuming that is what CG stands for coast guard?). I am stationed in eastern VA as well. USN. lately there have been quite a few people in our area joining up on here. plenty of knowledge and wisdom! again, welcome!
Yep, Uncle Sam's Confused Group.

Thanks for the welcomes
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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