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Have a red 2010 Titan SE with Banks intake and exhaust and a fiberglass shell. Pull a 26 ft Gulfstream travel trailer. 42,000 miles.
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Welcome to the club.
Welcome and Merry Christmas from Cajun..
Welcome aboard
Welcome :)
Welcome! How do you like the banks intake and exhaust?
Very well. It really opened the intake and exhaust. My son and I installed it in our driveway. I have a photo of the speedometer saying 25 mpg at 47 mph. Thats about all you can average in Houston rush-hour traffic. If i can figgure out how to do it, I will post it. That is with a light foot and taking the foot off the gas on the down side of overpasses. Drafted in 65, spent 24 years in the navy and been with Schneider National Trucking for 22 years. I grew up in Albertville, up on Sand Mountain.
Welcome! How do you like the banks intake and exhaust?
It works very well and really opens things up. This is with a light foot running to work here in Houston rush hour traffic. Raised in Albertville, up on Sand Mountain. Left after being drafted in 65. Sorry, I don't have a clue as to the Speedometer Gauge Tachometer Measuring instrument Vehicle
URL of my photo.
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I wish mine would read 25mpg, I get a steady 12.9mpg out of mine. But its 4x4 with a small level and bigger tires.

I have driven for Averitt for 9 years and love it! You must really like orange to stick with them that long.

Also, thank you for your military service!
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