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Hey guys i got a 2017 titan xd S model 4x2 Diesel in black about 2 weeks ago. Its a sick truck and i cant wait to do some upgrades to it.

My previous truck was a 5.6 04 crew cab

I'm really interested in doing a small lift and maybe some exhaust work if i can find a way to do that without potentially voiding my warrantee.

I'm 22 and I've owned 25 vehicles and 2 motorcycles in my life so far lol. I'm really liking this Titan XD so i think ill keep it around for a bit!
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Given how new the XD model is and how little experience Nissan dealers have with diesel I wouldn't touch a thing on that engine and exhaust. Doing a complete diesel exhaust delete is not a small matter - it requires quite a bit of tuning also and I haven't heard of anyone come up with that part of the work yet.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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