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New owner intro

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Just recently bought an 07 crew cab SE with big tow and 4wd in bright red. Loving the truck and very impressed with how well it handles the 16ft enclosed car hauler. It's the third Nissan in the household along with a '92 300zx and the 240sx race car. This was the only 1/2 ton that felt like it has a powertrain built for towing.
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Congrats and welcome.Never towed with mine but i've heard there're great for that.
Welcome to the boards, and congrats on your purchase.

I do tow, and yes, it tows very well. You'll enjoy it. :)
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the thread. I have a red 2007 with 110,000 plus miles on it. You'll love pulling with it. However, gas mileage will suck if you are pulling the speed limit 12-14 depending on load.
Welcome to TT,enjoy your new Titan. I pull 30' 5th wheel with no problems.
Welcome! And congrats! And idk what ppl are talkin about! The one and only time I ever towed with my truck I got the best gas mileage id ever gotten!! Btw I'm jealous out of four titans all I've wanted is a dang red one!! Grrr
The words towing and mileage and Titan just don't go well. I've gotten as low as 5 mpg towing into a very strong headwind. I was almost full throttle in third to hold 60 mph. :eek:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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