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new owner lovin it: long/boring

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Hey guys, picked up my SE CC with RF, CC, BT, OR, DVD. I love this truck heck even the wife likes it. Great power and a sweet ride, I really am fond of the tranny as most of the back roads are traveled in 4th gear 50mph @ around 2000 rpm. You don't even need fifth until the highway and the ride is nice there too. Not much wind noise. I like the build quility inside as well. My company vehicle is a 2003 Z71 extended cab and its nice but sloppy feeling not anywhere as rigid as the titan, and the interior looks to be the work of fisher price design team. I drove all 5 -.5 ton trucks from hemi's to tundras. Only the f150 came close but ... It's way underpowered no way that motor makes 300, also the console and the way to wide door panel made it real tight on my Knees. Later fellows.

cheers :cheers:
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