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Hey everyone, been browsing the forums heavily since purchasing a Black 2004 Crew Cab down here in Antigua.

Have a whole list of mods I'd like to slowly start doing to the truck, but to give you an idea of a caribbean dealer's work pace, still waiting for passenger window motor that wasn't working when I bought the truck 6 weeks ago. Basically getting parts onto the island is no easy feat if done through someone else, so going at it alone.

Top priority on the list is new tires, as pretty sure the truck is still running originals as only has 50,000 miles and they're just about done. Truck is on original 285/70/17 setup. If could have gone personal preference route would throw on some 305/55/20's, but with the roads how they are...non-existant, have to think about keeping the thing in one piece, so will stick with 17s and keep the softer ride and save the bushings.

Final rim options after looking online for way too long are 17x8.5 **** Cepek Torque Wheel

**** Cepek Torque Wheel

or American Racing ATX Thug's.

as looks like I can get the matte black I'm looking for, along with a BS of around 5.5" for the Torque's and just under 5.4" on the Thugs, which should help me to still throw on some 305's.

Tire options look to be Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ's;

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Radial

or Cooper STT

and finally some Nitto Trail Grapplers

Ratings, reviews and specifications for Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires

Not planning any major lifts as only just clear cross beam of my covered parking, however will get in touch with Greg about his PRG 1.5" leveling kit, even though not sure if that helps front wheel clearance at all.

Reasoning behind the 305/65's is that they're pretty close to what's on there now in sidewall height and rolling circumference, apart from the extra 10mm that will stick out either way in width, which I kinda want for the truck's stance.

I did thrown in the taller slimmer Nitto's in case any of you believe that either of the wider options will rub at stock height, or even after I end up adding the leveling kit.

However would like to avoid anything too much taller considering that I'm not getting much more than 200 miles on a full tank, so never better than 8mpg. Don't think I'm that heavy footed on the pedal, so reckon it could be the bad fuel quality we get on island. Possible? Came to this conclusion after engine warning light came back on after post-purchase oil change/check up and was told that the error report said was because of fuel quality, and that many newer car's on island have the same problem. Could it lower my economy by that much on OEM 17's?

If you've made it this far, thanks! Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Next time when I start asking about CAI's, exhaust systems, brake pads and whatever else I have on my to do list.....I'll keep it short!

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I suck at picking tires, so I'll leave that one alone. I had an '04 and never got much further than 200 miles either, so you're not alone. The later models have a bigger gas tank. I couldn't drive a 2004 now. I'd have to fill up 3 times a week. I know one thing, you need to check all the seals and make sure there are no leaks. You'll want to replace all the fluids as well. I'm sure others will have good input. Welcome.
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