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Whats up. I bought my truck (08 SE 4x4, black) a few days ago and have been reading around on this site for a week or so. Seems to be lots of good info. I couldnt find the intro forums so I will post here. As my name suggest, I am a fan of fords, and traded in a 98 f150 and a 99 Lexus rx 300 for the titan.

So far I love the truck and I could not be any happier with the decision to buy the titan.
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Nice choice and welcome to the club!
I was a Ford man myself, I have no regrets about the switch, weldome.
I am still a ford fan, but it is due mainly now to the mustang. I love that car. But this truck is awesome.

I know my truck was old, but the titan drives SO nice. I am sure there will be no regrets at all.
Welcome! I almost bought an F150 before I drove the Titan. Couldn't have been happier with my choice.
Welcome i also traded in a f150 on my truck. It was a 99 with 216,000 miles on it when i traded it in. I am still an avid for fan and will probably have a ford diesel as my next truck.
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