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New PB Today!!! 13.665 @ 98.45

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I'm super STOKED!!!! :redblob"

All 4 of my passes today were faster than my previous PB! :hat:

1st Pass: 13.665 @ 98.45 (10:35am)
2nd Pass: 13.812 @ 97.55 (10:45am)
3rd Pass: 13.762 @ 97.91 (1:08pm)
4th Pass: 13.845 @ 97.45 (1:59pm)

On my last pass i annihilated a G8!!! Left him @ the tree & never saw him again till after the finish line! ;)

I picked up 2mph since the last time out a couple weeks ago!!! All i did was remove the tailpipe section of my exhaust! Running the Borla XR1 outlet wide open!

Thanks to Beachside321 for coming out & joining me! He ran some good times also!
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DAMN G just saw this post!! Been thinking about you running all day. Just got back from being out and see you ran a freakin' 13.66!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME CONGRATS FROM THE SLAYER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ran .001 faster than me. LOL Your truck is faster though because I had a -130 DA compared to your what +400 ?? Awesome man. So happy for my H town buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Now we need to go with full mandrel bent 2.5/3 exhaust setup and squeeze out another .1:)

PPS: I'm actually thinking of ditching the aerochamber for the Borla XR-1. Getting tired of the raspy noise at 1800 rpm's.
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Don't tempt me bish
LMAO^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do it!! Get an XE 07+ and gut that bish. LOL
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Hey G are you 2.93 gears or 3.36 gears? I'm wondering what size DR to get to try and stay in 3rd gear. Right now I'm trapping in 3rd at 6300 Rpm's with rev limit raised to 6500 to be able to hold it. Current tires are Dynapro AT at 31.75" tall. I need a 32.5" or taller I think.
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Thanks again guys!

We've got a MEAN IRCVK56 Crew that is REPRESENTING the TITAN all the way across the US now!!!!! :gunz: :futwice:

My all time PB 60' was 1.90 My best 60' from today was 1.911
Sounds like you have a little left in her! 13.5X in a 0 DA for sure! Yes your right, we have some bad *** titans across the country now. From Cali to Maine and everything in between!
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My T has the 2.93 gearing. I'm shifting into 4th right now. I need 28X10 Slicks to hold 3rd till the finish line.
I let it shift and ran a 13.667, held 3rd at 6300 rpm's and ran a 13.666. Both on 40 min cool downs. Aren't those 295's 28" tall?
Hope you smash your pb!! Hit me up on FB when you do!
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Any updates?
Congrats to everyone! Epic day!!!! Can't wait to read all the posts & see some video from these guys!
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Nice to meet you SCTundra and good talking with you. Thanks for the props to my truck. With all the guys around here saying how good a 13.8 is on 33" A/T tires, it really makes me wonder what my truck is capable of. I may be getting TT and DR's sooner than I thought, although I still have a honeymoon to pay for lol.

My only question with the DR's is since I have 3.36, would I benefit that much from a smaller tire? Right now I am just barely holding 3rd through the traps.

I feel like with TT and DRs 13.5s are very realistic. GW77 and I are trapping the same because his 2.25 exhaust is holding him back a little, but he has a killer launch. I feel like if I had traction like that from a dig I could trap 100+, thanks to VVT (negative DA helps too lol)
I'm running 30.6" tall tires and I'm hitting 4th gear about 80 feet before the trap:( And in colder air it will be even worse. You would need a 31.5" tire to hold 3rd. Although, if you and I could get into 4th quicker, that might help us. I don't know what to do, I want TT and DR's but they don't make a 32" DR do they?

PS: If I hold it in 3rd, I'm trapping at 6300 rpm's with rev limiter raised.
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I might have to try that DS! :hi:

Mine is the same...into 4th, yea about 60'-80' before the 1/4 mile trap. I will note what RPM's i am @ & try raising the rev limiter a bit!

No, i don't think they make DR's that tall? You will most likely have to go with a Slick to get the height you are looking for.

See even with my 17"X 9" racing rims the tallest Slicks Hoosier makes is 28"s.

These are them, the one's i've been looking at:
28" X 10.00-17"
Hoosier Drag Racing Slicks 18157D06 -
(these are a decent price also!!!)

Anything taller than that you have to drop to a 15" rim!!! :bangit::ftard:
So your not holding 3rd through the traps?
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