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New Pro4X Prices - Lowest You've Seen

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I am in a position to do 1 of 2 things. I can either pay off the truck I am driving now, roughly 20k payoff, or trade it in and buy a new 2010 or 2011 Pro4, pretty sure I could get close to that amount on trade. There are 3 close to me that are fully loaded(crew cab, nav, sunroof,etc) and sticker is 44k. Has anyone else haggled this price and if so what was the "out the door" price?
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Mine's an LE not a Pro4X, but I have all the gadgets that you are seeing. Nav, TV, DVD Player, Sunroof, everything. I paid $34,500 last March. Brand new. Sticker was $44k.
i bought mine for 36 otd and a month later had a dealer offer me 35 for a loaded one while I was in there...he didn't know I had one so I played
My otd price (before taxes and cash down) for my 2011 Pro4X was $9k below MRSP.
27k out the door
It really depends on the dealer, time of year, the state you're in etc. It also depends on how many the dealer has, and how fast he moves Titans. Here in NY, you're not getting 10k off anything but many have in other areas. Right off the bat, I think Nissan is giving something like $4500 back (that may be over..not sure) so getting maybe another grand or 2 is probably more realistic.
I'm in so cal and simply put I've found that the 2011 pro4x or le at 10K off msrp. You can get up to 12K on a 2010. This includes the rebate....
I've been looking for a 2010 and cannot find one. I'm in NW GA so if anyone knows where I can find one please let me know.
I love the Pro4X's.... That will be my next Titan.
I love the Pro4X's.... That will be my next Titan.
^^^ Ditto ^^^
I love the Pro4X's.... That will be my next Titan.
It is a great truck..for many reasons. I love mine and highly recommend it.
37600 sticker out the door taxes and all 27675. on December 30th 2009
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