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With the amount of money we spend in our PRIZED possession cars or trucks why not add peace of mind? GeoSky Alert does just that! GeoSky Alerts you in Real Time GPS tracking through Google Maps your movement 24/7 if your car/truck/trailer/motorcycle is moved you will get an email or text message notifying you that your vehicle is in motion using the mobile app! GeoSky Alert tracks your history any time it's moved. Feel at ease while you hand your keys to a valet, Family, Friend, Teens and feel safe that you KNOW where your vehicle is at all times using the GeoSky APP. This APP allows you to see a full history of speed and direction. This is also perfect for Fleet vehicles. The GeoSky unit is so SMALL, NO ONE besides YOU knows it where you installed it. It has an internal Lithium-ion battery that recharges it self when tapped into a constant 12v source. Another safety feature is that it constantly monitors your 12v battery to alert you IF someone tampers with the unit or your battery gets to an unsafe level so you will never come back to a DEAD Battery.

Today's vehicles already come with some type of anti-theft devices, Push button to OPEN/CLOSE the doors on our key fob or press the PANIC button to find your lost car. Some are afraid to lose their key fobs to an aftermarket alarm to gain the same options. i.e. door unlock/lock, ignition kill etc. Not to mention the labor rates that these installers will charge you for installation. GeoSky Alert is simple enough for you to install yourself. What to do IF you are vehicle gets STOLEN? Call the Police and give them the location of your vehicle. The faster you find it, the lesser the damage may be when you get it back.

You are the BEST advocate for your investment!!​

Your Car alarm is a nuisance, not a deterrent. GeoSky Alert posted a LIVE video on their Facebook page while his car alarm was going off in a parking lot. People walked past and and ignored the noise. Another great option for the GeoSky Alert is that you CAN wire a trigger source i.e. motion/shock/door sensor so if those items are active You'll know it wasn't a FALSE alarm.

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Key Points of the GeoSky Alert:​

Updates: location every 30 seconds or if the vehicle turns more than 3 degrees.

ALERTS: generally we notify within 15 to 30 seconds if your vehicle is triggered either by moving or by the additional triggers.

Geofence: After the vehicle is parked for 5 minutes or less a geozone is automatically set around the vehicle which is approximately 150' circle around the vehicle. If it leaves that Zone you will be notified via text and or email.

App Features include:

Real time tracking, with google maps, with all the functions of google maps including street view, satellite view and terrain view etc.

A "follow" function that will look at where you are with your phone and where the vehicle is that you are tracking and will show you directions to get there as well as provide you with turn by turn navigation.

A "history" function that will show you where the vehicle has been, with map details. This feature has a series of preset time frames but you also have the capability to set the timeframe as well. We store 2+ months of data per unit.

We have the capability to track multiple units, with their own naming convention, as well as notify per vehicle as well as a global notification for all vehicles with both email and or text message.

You can also Arm the unit remotely, arm and disarm the door trigger and arm and disarm the Aux trigger.

Our application supports IOS 10 and we will be sending out a feature upgrade shortly for IOS, we are testing it currently and will release it shortly. We have recently updated Android too.

Our tracking system works internationally.

We track Battery Voltage and will notify on low battery if your battery voltage drops below 10v for more than 10 seconds.

When tracking your vehicle in real time the indicator for your vehicle will be green and you can touch the blinking green icon for actual Lat. and Lon. information as well as speed and time.

We support all time zones.

Under device stats we track speed, number of satellites seen by your hardware and battery voltage.

Amperage draw when in "sleep mode" is less than .03 ma. when "awake" less than 70 ma.


Whether it’s a collector car, work truck, or daily driver our vehicles represent a significant and irreplaceable investment. Enjoy peace of mind with a GeoSky Alert Tracker.

Motorcycles are the most frequently stolen vehicles in America. See how easy it is to keep track of your ride 24/7 with our GeoSky Alert Motorcycle Tracker.

if you own a RV, toy haulers, tool or livestock trailers, your investment is more than the trailer itself. Protect it all with a GeoSky Alert Trailer Tracker.


What is GeoSky Alert?
GeoSky Alert is a cutting edge personal vehicle tracking and monitoring solution. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your car or truck is secure whether you’re at home or on the road. With the easy to use GeoSky Alert mobile app you can view your vehicle location in real-time and customize your alert settings. GeoSky Alert combines powerful but discrete hardware with a reliable network and a robust mobile application that is user friendly and easy to operate. Equipped with GSM Global SIM cards GeoSky Alert provides worldwide protection with no roaming fees. GeoSky Alert is easy to install, requiring as few as two wiring connections. The system also features two alert sensor inputs for connecting optional monitoring sensors. GeoSky Alert Auto Tracker is engineered for use on vehicles with 12-24v electrical systems.

Buy your GeoSky Alert HERE!!!

Automotive/Trailer MSRP $269.99*
MotorCycle $249.99*
*plus subscription service
Subsciption as low as $13.86 per month
Contact ORW for subscription package specials

Follow GEOSky Alert for more updates and a LIVE video every Tuesday


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