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New programmer info\help

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I have been talking to a few companies and they want to know what we want out of a programmer. Just wanted see if you guys would put your input in on this so maybe we can get something going and i can get back to asap. Thanks for the help
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I would like something for less than $600 that will give me more power when towing. A switchable programmer that would maybe give three tunes, stock, racing, towing. Thanks for going to bat for us.
i also want a product like this.....i think that it is very improtant for the display to be attractive and blend in well with the stock interior....i have an 08, therefore i already have the cpu to give me mileage and other readouts, so i too wouyld want a few different options for fuel maps and shift points....and it should be able to read and clear codes........does anyone know what happened to the nitrod?
I'd like to see Kyle at Stillen get in on this discussion so that VK-Pro users might benefit from a programmer.

Also, I am sure that Stillen's expertise in working with performance parameters of ECU code and driveability might let us know what we don't want in a programmer as well.
All I want is to get rid of the ECU retarding the throttle/timming before 40mph on my 08, don't want any displays, just want full throttle when I put my foot down.
The Titan would probably benefit from being able to adjust or increase the Auto Transmission Line-Level using a programmer? It would be ideal to measure (real-time) line pressure as well.

Or a separate unit could be made, like the ALC II was developed for the 90-’96 Nissan 300ZX by HKS, it is a plug-in interface with factory A/T Control Unit of the computer controlled automatic transmission. The ALC II was designed to maintain constant line pressure within the transmission for consistent, crisp high performance shifting. Should the pressure begin to drop within the transmission, the ALC II will signal the factory A/T Control Unit to increase line pressure and maintain it at that level.
Basically you all want UpRev Osiris!!!
dawgs77 said:
Basically you all want UpRev Osiris!!!

Not really, the price is ridiculous for what I want. I have been racing EFI cars for a long time and most cars you can get real programmability for that price. Even full blown stand alone ECUs aren't much more than the limited Osiris is.

I am not saying it is not a good product, what I am saying is that it is a very limited product with a heavy price tag simply because nobody else cares to enter that market with the Titan.

I do not want three maps and a data logger, all I want is the throttle limiter removed. To me my Titan is not a worthy race vehicle and I do not plan to ever act like it is by spending tons of money to only end up with a 13 sec vehicle. And if I did I would be very unhappy relying on a company to decide the tune that they feel is best and send me the ROM file every time I make a change. On my car I make dozens of map changes every time I take it to the track, let alone physically change something.
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Well talk around these guys are listening and giving me feed back at least. Talk around and get others involved. Try not to talk about what's out there but what the perfect programmer would be for us.:gossip:
Here is an example a a good quaility programing tool. It does require your eprom to be swapped out but not too big of a deal. I have run this for several years now in one of my Eclipses. These guys supply great support, upgrades and the support can be transfered if it is sold.
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