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New Rear End Question

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Ok, here is my question. I recently drove from Tucson, Az to Temecula Ca and upon arrival I noticed that the entire rear end was wet with oil. I then took it to a local mechanic who let me know that I was in need of an completely new rearend. Apparrently it had started leaking in several places which caused parts to overheat and start to break. My truck is an '07 Titan, lifted with 35" tires and only has 45K miles on it so I took it to the local dealership who after some pushing got Nissan to replace it under the warranty. Which I was very happy with, now comes the question- Im an very nervous about driving it back and having the same thing happen once I get it home. Is this something I should be worried about? Or do you think I am fine to get it home? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Make sure they installed the check valve vent. The new rear axle comes with a shipping plug and they often forget to install the check valve vent which sticks up on the passenger side axle housing tube. If they didn't vent it, it may blow axle or pinion seals.

There is a break in period for a new rear axle. I know the owner's manual says no towing for the 1st 500 miles, I don't remember anything else, but the dealer should be able to inform you.
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