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New rearend at 4,000 miles, not fixed

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Had a new rearend put in at 4,000 miles because of a clicking and popping sound on take of in forward and reverse. It was quite for about the first 1,200 miles, then it started again. sad thing is when they did the rear change, they left two lug nuts loose, both emergency brake cable bolts, both lower shock mounts, and used pliers on my brake lines so they are all knarled up now. They also forgot to put the axle vent in but i caught that before i drove it home. The "mechanic" claims he torqued everything but i only drove it 30 miles before i heard all the rattleing bolts and took it back. i told him to his face there is no way he did. Well i am asking that an engineer be requested to come and look at it. the dealer said they would request one after verifying the click is still there. Sad thing is I tried to trade to a used tundra and both dealerships only offered me below trade in value because they could not move the titans. anyone got any ideas on what the clicking could be?
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If you have the chrome package or, a Texas titan it could be the wheels:
Do a search here for clicking wheels.
no chrome, not in texas. it is definitly somewhere between the transfer case and the rearend. I asked about wind up clips in the springs. read something about them on this site. any input?
Do a search on axle wrap. I used 4 ubolts and bolted the bottom leaf spring near the end to the other leafs. Caused the truck bed to settle a little. Ride still good and only hear a small clunk once in a while. Others using helper springs. I aqm thinking og buying new leaf springs. I think these springs might be sprung.
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