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NEW Rigid Industires Fog Light Mounts

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Total Automotive Performance and Rigid Industries teams up again and introduces the FOG Light Mount.

Rigid Fog Light Mounting Kit

Mounts and LED Grills by Rigid Industries feature laster-cut stainless steel construction and a black powder coat finish to match our lights for a seamless look.

Rigid Fog Light Mounting Kit Includes:

(2) Fog Mounts

*Lights Not Included

Total Automotive Performance offers:

Rigid Industries DOT Fog Light Kit #50481

Rigid Industries Spot Light Kit


Rigid Industries FLOOD light kit

Check out our Rigid Youtube videos:

DOT Light Output

Spot vs Flood Output

Total Auto Parts will Bundle this kit with this EXCLUSIVE true plug-n-play directly into your stock harness!!

**harness will NOT be sold separately

Total Auto Parts will release THIS bundle when the Rigid Fog Light brackets are released.

Bundle kit:

Rigid Fog Light Mount

Your Choice of Rigid Dually Fog Light Kit

1-Plug-n-Play Harness

We will updated this thread as we get more info!!!

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