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New Shoes...

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Ok, I know the truck is filthy, but I had to post a couple of pics of my new rims! I'll post more later as soon as I get my Trifecta in and give her a bath!


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First pic, far left shadow:

Lemme guess, the little woman? :lol: Looks like she's practicing MIL stance with her hands on her hips.... I always knew I was in trouble when my Mom put her hands on her hips like that. :rofl: Was this done with or without her approval? :bang:

Nice wheels and tires. Just hope she lets you live long enough to enjoy them. :lol:
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Those rims look good.
They don't look proper on your truck so, send them here to NJ and I'll try them on my truck :rolleyes: Can you post a pic not taken indirect the sun?


What brand and size are the rims?
Blackbeauty, good call on the mom pose, I was at the folks's house showing them off. lol.
Clint, nice try, lol, they are the dale earnhardt jr's in black chrome from les scwaub, they're 20'' rims with toyo open country's. and yeah I'll post a couple more pics thos weekend after she gets a bath!
Looks nice. Real sporty.
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