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new super charger

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oh boy, drank one too many beers, went on ebay. saw a stillen supercharger for sale. thought it would be a great idea if i bid on it. got it. its listed as for a '04-'06, i have a '07, are the brackets different? what do i need to do, wife is pissed!:cheers: :cheers:
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Sell it. It won't fit your truck.
what is it that wont fit, is it the brackets or what???:huh:
It wont work on an 07 like Q ship said/ Put it back up for sale and try to turn a coin on it. I think the vvt will play a role in it not working too.
I think your in for a beatin from the wifey, start running now!!!!:jester:
Contact the next highest bidder to see if they are still interested in the item.
The timing chain cover is different.

Let the beating begin....!!
Man, I really hope you can find someone to buy it from you and it all turns out well. My @$$ would be sleeping out in my truck until someone bought it off me if I was in your shoes. Whew... I am just trying to picture it. Nope, don't want to. I really do hope you sell it. Have you tried posting it for sale on the website? Do a search for the QX, Armada and Titan forums to help you unload that bad boy.
what do you want for it???? :futwice: my truck would like it! send me a pm
i want it! i want it!
ebay is Eeeeevil.....LOL

Call Kyle at Stillen and see if you can trade out brackets and piggybacks.
Dam that sucks, gotta do your research before you bid.
id buy it cash money right now, if I had the money and an 04-06 lol
The 04-06 supercharger is VERY different than the 07. Here is a list of just a few of the differences.

1) Timing chain cover bracket
2) Inlet neck
(these are both cast aluminum parts)

3) Piggy back control unit
4) Wiring harness
5) tuning for Piggy back control unit

I would suggest putting it back up on Ebay and if you'd like I can try to get you a good deal on a new 07-08 specific blower. PM me with the price you paid for the used one and I'll see what I can do.
you should atleast make your money back. sell it
Wayto step up Kyle/ I like to see that from merchants! He had nothing to do with a used tranaction but is willing to help. Right on
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