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new suspension

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I want a better suspension for my truck when I go off road with my friends. I'm thinking of just adding a new leaf on the rear and installing Bilstein 5100's on the front. The rear is approx. 2"-2.5" higher than the front and I know that adding a leaf will raise it even more. Will the 5100's raise the front end at all? Or should I go with a different front suspension setup? Be in mind, I am an 18 yo college student, but at the same time I'm tired of waking up every morning to a stock truck.
Thank you!
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I ran my bils fast and hard and broke 2 sets in less than a year. Ended up going to remote res coil overs. Ask yourself if you care about ride quality for daily driving. If you do then my advice would be to save your money and do it right. Otherwise bad shocks can cause a multitude of issues including bad handling, ride quality, vibration, and ruined tires. Skimping now can end up causing you more money in the end. To do it right at a minimum you'll need UCAs, extended end links or sway bar delete, you might need cam bolts for alignment but it seems to be case by case, and coil overs. So you're looking at about $1-2k for parts alone. Check out TAP auto for good prices and customer service.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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