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Been debating about getting rid of my 2010 XE... cant bring myself to do it so its time for LOTS OF MODS!! ive had her for 6 years and thunk she deserves some love!

First - Time to dump the Clarion deck, it finally started to die after about 7 years and two vehicles layer.... got it for free from a friend at the time so no complaints here!

Now a good excuse to upgrade ALL the audio from the 2010 stock setup

Doing somewhat of an economy priced setup - i know there are a lot nicer setups on here but for under a grand, including install (yeah i know, im lazy) im stoked to hear what she will sound like! I dont "bump" mostly grateful dead stuff or like NIN if im feeling salty so this isnt terribly aggressive stuff. Most stuff i found on clearance, sale, etc

Kenwood DPX702BH - not a touchscreen on purpose - just wanted something decent retaining the stock aesthetic with center volume button. less chance of prying eyes being tempted
Alpine Power Pack 45 x 4 rms. - mini class d amp to push the main 4
rears - 6.5 - Kicker 43CSC654
fronts - 6x9 - Kicker 43CSC6934
sub. - 8" Kicker Hideaway combo for under passenger seat, which is where my buddys 2017 titan's sub lives

used superchips cortex and a new muffler inbound asap too!

just thought i would share - drive those titans like you stole em!
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Glad to read that someone else is updating their Titan!

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