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New Tech12 Box w/DD Subs!!!!!

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Just got my box from Tech12 and it looks awesome!!! Can't wait to get it hooked up!!! Will keep everyone posted!!!


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Those the 1508's? Whats it tuned to and what amp for them?

i love the way DD's look especially with CF Caps, but the sound of them is what im not too fond of :\

Yup they're the 1508's and I'm following DD's recommendation for amp size and tuning. Being in OKC it's easy to call or swing by their shop and ask for some advise.

Running 2000w DB drive amp at 1ohm with gain turned down.
Got it hooked up this afternoon. Gotta do some fine tuning but it hits like a S.O.B.! James you're the man! Everyone who's heard it so far thinks I've got 12's. The 8's push hard thanks to the box!

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Tuned it a little more today! Holy sh!+ dude! Even my bro-in-law couldn't believe 2 1508's can push that hard!

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This is the difference between my enclosures and others. I built two enclosures because the first one I did not like how it sounded. Most places would stick u with the first one
The mans not lying. He called me and let me know what he thought and let me know he was trying a different setup since the 1st didn't have the sound quality he thought it should have. I'm more than happy with the finished product and for anyone else who isn't sure - trust me - James knows what he's doing!

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