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New tires for my Titan

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Hello all,
It was time for me to replace my aging mud tires, so I pulled the trigger on a new set of tires yesterday. After lots of shopping, I ended up buying a set of Kelly Safari TSR all terrain tires in size LT315/70r17. The guy at the tire shop was amazed when I was able to tuck those 34.4" tall tires under there with zero rubbing, with only ~4" of lift on my truck. So far I can tell that the Kelly Safaris have much better road manners, and perform much better in the snow than any of my previous 3 sets of MTs. I decided to go back to ATs because I wanted better road manners and winter performance, but I still wanted a tire aggressive enough to get me by in most offroad situations. I think the Kelly Safaris fit that bill quite well, and so far I am pleased with the look, road manners, and winter performance that they offer. Come spring time I'm sure I will be able to test them out in some mud and on some rocks to really see how they fare. I will be sure to report back with some details on offroad performance and tire wear after a few months have passed. Here are some pics:

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i haven't run those personally, but a good friend has some on his silverado. he loves em.

one thing about that size tire on those rims.. those tires are going to cup, badly, since they're not designed for a 7.5" wide rim (the offroad rims). i just replaced a set of duratracs in 315/70/17 on offroad rims for this reason. keep them rotated to help prolong the wear, but it will happen.
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