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New tires for my Titan

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Hello all,
It was time for me to replace my aging mud tires, so I pulled the trigger on a new set of tires yesterday. After lots of shopping, I ended up buying a set of Kelly Safari TSR all terrain tires in size LT315/70r17. The guy at the tire shop was amazed when I was able to tuck those 34.4" tall tires under there with zero rubbing, with only ~4" of lift on my truck. So far I can tell that the Kelly Safaris have much better road manners, and perform much better in the snow than any of my previous 3 sets of MTs. I decided to go back to ATs because I wanted better road manners and winter performance, but I still wanted a tire aggressive enough to get me by in most offroad situations. I think the Kelly Safaris fit that bill quite well, and so far I am pleased with the look, road manners, and winter performance that they offer. Come spring time I'm sure I will be able to test them out in some mud and on some rocks to really see how they fare. I will be sure to report back with some details on offroad performance and tire wear after a few months have passed. Here are some pics:

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I had these tires on my Z71 several years ago. I really loved them.
Great in wet conditions. & cleaned out well in muddy conditions also.
I found summit racing had the best price back then.
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