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New Tires/Wheels

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Took some fast photos (I suck w/ a camera) of the hell I've been going through for tires/wheels. I'll repost when new caps come in and clean her up.

Moto Metal 957 Matte Black (w/ incorrect center cap - getting black one next week)

Nitto Terra's 285/65/18

2" Front Lift

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I purchased some Moto 957 18", but when I tried to install them, they wouldn't clear the caliper. Would a spacer help or am I screwed?
Mine didn't fit either. So...I just had them shave the caliper until they would fit. No issues from the shaving and I think it's over 2 years I think since done.
Love the black rims, can't wait to get mine today.
Mail dude, that looks SICK. Nice work.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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