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new tires

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i finally got new tires this weekend.


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Nice!. Bet them puppies are loud
i sounds like a landing airplane. but it worth it to me.
Thanks. Nitto grappler 33x12.50 18
Nice....What kind of miles will you get out of them>
i haven't notice any milage change.
Titan636 said:
i finally got new tires this weekend.
Nice!!!! Tires look real aggressive. Are you running a leveling kit or some other type of lift? Thanks...
Hey Titan636 great bike/truck combo, tires look good on the Titan.
i got CST 4" spindle with 2 1/2" spacer in the front and 4" block in the rear.
Are those the mud grapplers...How many miles do you think you will get..I love them
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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