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New tires

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Finally got new tires on my truck. I had 315/70-17 bfg's a/t. I just bought the new bfg mud terrain mk2 35/12.50-17. my truck acts like a brand new truck. it drives a hole lot better now with the mud terrains then the all terrains....
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cst silver said:
it drives a hole lot better now with the mud terrains then the all terrains....
Hole lot better with the mud terrains. That's pun ishing.
How's the "roar" of the tire compared to the A/Ts? I would have guessed the A/Ts would drive better or same.
Drives better on what? Mud/snow/gravel? You aren't serious that it drives better on pavement with mudders are you?
YA drives so much better on the road with the new mudds. My truck drove like crap with the a/t's it drifted and everytime i hit a bump the truck would through it self off the road.... Now with the new mudds it drives like a car. hahah
do you have any photos of your new tires? Are you using OEM rims?
Yes here they are... Im the first truck that discount has put these tires on... So far im really happy... They look sick too... I have 17' 951c moto metal wheels..
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man I like those

what size lift you got?

by the way guys
i am starting a new site
it is a forum like this one but i am an off-roader (if money will alow) either anyone is welcomed

come take a look linky
The tire is a BFG Mudd terrain mk2... The size is 35/12.5-17 and my lift is a cst 8' in the front and just 2' blocks in the rear.... My truck is raked.. Im hoping to go long travel in the front in may.. So im looking to sell my cst 8' 2-wheel drive suspension kit... But that wont be for awile.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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