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New Titan Ad?

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Did anyone else see the add during the football games where they try and bend a Titan frame using a train. Given the size of the chain I'd be suprized if the chain hand't broken. If they'd used an anchor chain from a freighter - that would have been impressive. At least then the bar they were using to try and bend the frame would have bent.

I still like the Tundra adds better - mostly due to the elaborate timing they use more than anything else.

Nissan still needs better advertising for the Titan.
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It was a thrilling day to say the least! I finally got to see an entire Football game this year, and see the Redskins WIN! And top that off with not once, but twice, seeing the Mighty Titan get it frame exposed for all to see. I was in shock! It helps I love Trains as a hobby too. Couldn't be any better... :)
I saw the ad as well, but it was first aired, oh, i would like to say 3 months ago? correct me if im wrong but it has been out for a little while, just not played very often. I think nissan needs to create a visual ad campaign with numerous commercials ranging from showing the true and awesome features of the titan, such as this frame display, and ones with humor. Tundra did a great job with this such as the construction commercials with the "A Toyota?" tag line. Nissan defiantly needs to up the marketing for the Titan and it needs to do it in a big way.
I have seen it a while ago too. They really need more video time of the "WHOLE TITAN" tho.
Yeah, I saw this several months ago as well.
It was my first time seeing the frame bent ad. I thought it was cool to see. Hopefully there will be more adds for the 08 in the next few months.
If thet dont get the crap togather were all going to have clasics very soon
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