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Well I was going to order my new Titan but I'm just not a patient man, so went and picked it up yesterday. Drove 325 miles just to get the one with all the options I wanted, and yes, I'm in love already. Silver LE KC 4x4, fully loaded without any of the bed accessories. The drive home was in the rain and wind so only got about 10mpg but around town since I'm getting around 14 already.

I do have to share a story though, since I was so impressed with the first salesman I worked with. Unfortunately it doesn't have a happy ending for him. I talked to gentleman in the Omaha area who was going to help me get my new toy. Well he found one for me, but the .15 a mile he thought it would cost to deliver it was actually 1.15 a mile, so this added about $500 to the cost. Well rather then just letting me go or wait for them to order one, he suggested I call the dealership and try to work it out on my own. I was using the VPP program so the price is set no matter who I go to. Now I don't know if the VPP limits his commission or how that works, but I can truly say the guy was looking out for me and not his pocket book. This was the first time I was ever impressed with a salesman, not saying there aren't others out there like him, you're just few and far between. I will be getting him a Thank You card with a little something in it, not that it will compare to selling a truck, but hey, I was impressed. With that said, anyone on the board looking in the Omaha, NE area let me know and I'll get his name if you'd like.

Well I'll try to take some pictures, dirty as the truck is already and post them. Just glad to be aboard with what I think is the best truck I've ever driven and now own :teethmast

PS...First fill up already had someone come over and ask how I like the truck, not something you'd get in a Ford, Dodge or Chevy since they are a dime a dozen.
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