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New Titan in the Philly Area

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Red Brawn KC 4X4
SE Popular w/Bench
Utility Bed.
Big Tow
Bed Extender
Splash Guards and Floor Mats

$28,873 was the price which was 2,067 under sticker and about $1,000 over invoice (my numbers include the $650 destination charge). This was the price they bought to the table it was within a couple hundred of what I was going to offer (about 5 percent over dealer "cost") and I got a better than expected number on the trade so I took the deal.

Since my local dealer (Cherry Hill NJ) was not interested in giving me a chance to order what I wanted and couldn't tell me what they had coming in I used the Nissan website to find what I wanted. I emailed this dealer (Concordville PA) last night, they responded this morning and I left at lunch to run some "errands" :jester:

This dealer was approx 40 miles from my house so I had great drive home.

It was after sunset when I got out of there so pictures will be up in a day or two.


Former shopper, current owner. :cheers:
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Way to go geece!!!!!

Ain't that a fun way to come home? :cheers:
AW RIGHT geece!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Gotta love that Red Brawn :) I'm very proud you're a former shopper! Will look forward to the pics! :hat: :hat: :hat: :cheers:
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