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New Titan, New Member

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Hi. I just purchased an 08 Titan Longbed about two weeks ago. I spent a lot of time in between then and now searching the forums and learning a lot about my new truck. This place is a wealth of information. I came here mostly to learn about tonneau covers, and ended up ordering a Retrax from a local distributor based on what I found on here.

This is the first truck I've ever owned, as well as being the first brand new vehicle I have ever purchased. I was previously a mini-van owner, despite having no children, and I have to say that I like the view a lot better from behind the wheel of my Titan. It's probably got most of the same stuff everyone else's got, so I'll spare the laundry list and just post a few pictures if that is okay:

Well, apparently it is not, as I cannot post pictures of my truck until I have 15 posts or more. Might take me a bit. So let the laundry list commence:

2008 Titan Crew Cab Long Bed w/ Towing & Utility package, big wheels, a lot of interior stuff, a radio, and some other stuff. I'm very excited. I am hoping it is okay for me to cold-link to my pictures, but if it is not, I'll remove them. You supply the w's:

As to me, I'm a simple guy who likes, in no particular order, cars, women, wood, and guns. In fact, I learned of this forum from other members of the gun and wood forums I frequent. Looking forward to learning a lot and contributing where I can.

When I joined Titan Talk, I had a message encouraging me to post on the Intro forum, but I couldn't find it, so you'll have to forgive me if this is in the wrong place.


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I had the same problem trying to find the intro forum. I purchased my titan brand new in May, and have been a member since yesterday trying to find some good advice for my truck. I eventually wanna go with 20 inc off road tires and bigger wheels. Not too big, just aggressive and still good with lots of on-road driving. I am going to start with some mods to give me some more power. I have been thinking cold air intake and catback exhaust. This is my first pick-up truck and I wanna do everything right.
Hello guys. Welcome to the family.
welcome! hope you enjoy your stay
Since you mentioned that this is your first pickup, I'd like to give you one piece of advice. I wish someone had said this to me when I bought my first pickup 20+ years ago. Whenever you put something into the bed that has any weight at all, push it all the way foreword to the bulkhead (front of the bed up against the cab). Otherwise, the first time you brake, especially hard (but it doesn't have to be too hard), whatever is in the bed will come flying foreword. Don't ask me how I learned this lesson but it hurt a lot :smoke: . I think this is true even with todays sprayed-in bed liners and tie-downs. There are a lot of g-forces acting on things in the bed when you are braking. More so generally that when you are accelerating. After all, you can control your acceleration a lot more than you can your braking (especially when someone pulls out in front of you).
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good advise on the braking man i found that junk out the hard way to welcome to the site guys there is a plentifull load of usefull information on here that will come in handy with the day to day.
TITAN TALK as a group are some of the smartest people on here you should have no problem what so ever finding the information that you need

welcome aboard lets get talkin'
welcome to TT and congrats on the new Titan!

now get ur fogs to run w ur running lights and u'll be on ur way!
Welcome to the club guys! :cheers:
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