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hello all!

I've been lurking these forums for a few weeks now. Just bought a 2007 4x4 SE with 92k on it for 12 grand. Completely stock for the time being. I've got plans for this truck, just need some facts/opinions on what I should get.

2" level from PRG (from what I've heard this is as high as I can go without coil bucket contact)
(once level is installed) 33x12.50x18's with -24 offset wheels

MBRP Installer series dual exhaust or just a muffler swap???
AEM or Volant CAI

bully dog power pup worth it???

and... best place to put a 20" light bar???

sorry for all the questions, just thought I'd get everything out there right away.

thanks for all the information already, and hope to get some more!
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