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New Titan Owner in Fl

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Hello all after many years of being a GM fan I sold my Sierra and picked up a Titan. While I was Skeptical at first I must say the truck has really grown on me even with the issues Ive found. Mine is a 2007 Ext. Cab SE 120K on the Clock 2wd with a 5" front lift 3" rear Block lift and 33s. Since the truck was used and older I expected it to come with a few issues. So after a Tune up, Valve Cover Gaskets, Transmission Fluid Change and fixing a few Suspension short cuts the previous owner took Im enjoying the Truck. Only Real Mods Ive done are Air Box Mod with K&N Drop in and MagnaFlow Exhaust with a turn Down. But The Truck has Plenty of power and I really enjoy driving it and the Interior design. Anyway Here are a Few Pics and I look forward to learning More on the Forum.
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Welcome! Where in Florida are you?

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Im in North Fl. Close to the Gainesville Area. Also My Photos were too Large here is one I had on Photobucket

Bummer you're far, I'm in Middle FL, near Sarasota.

Truck looks good!

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