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new Titan owner questions to ask?

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my name is Ron, I have a 2014 Titan S crew cab, I bought it with 8000 miles, I now have 46,000 miles, the rear differential has started squeeling, and it sounds like its on the right side, I suspect a axle bearing. I am unsure if the drivetrain warranty will cover repairs to the differential, and I am around 80 miles from the nearest Nissan dealer. If the warranty covers these repairs does anyone here know if there is a rental car program in the drivetrain warranty? I dont know where to find out the answers to my questions so I thought I would try here. thanks, Ron.
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I have changed the fluid in the differential, it was pretty black, and the magnet in the plug was full of the metallic sludge, it sure sounds like bearing whine, not brakes, but I am not familiar with it yet. Thanks, Ron.
So, I wanted to let you all know at the Nissan Dealership today they found out the issue with the rear end of my Titan, it was the dustcover on the pinion in front of the seal, it is just floating on the yoke and makes the noise that I am having issues with. The real bummer is, I have had this to the dealership before, and this time it was so noisy that I loaded it on a trailer to haul 75 miles to the dealer, while doing so, a ramp kicked off and the truck fell, bending the drive line. So almost a year into it, two visits there and a drive line now, I know the problem. Thanks, Ron.
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