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new Titan owner questions to ask?

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my name is Ron, I have a 2014 Titan S crew cab, I bought it with 8000 miles, I now have 46,000 miles, the rear differential has started squeeling, and it sounds like its on the right side, I suspect a axle bearing. I am unsure if the drivetrain warranty will cover repairs to the differential, and I am around 80 miles from the nearest Nissan dealer. If the warranty covers these repairs does anyone here know if there is a rental car program in the drivetrain warranty? I dont know where to find out the answers to my questions so I thought I would try here. thanks, Ron.
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Before you take it to the dealer, pull the rear rotors. The ebrake shoes are a known failure point on Tutans. Not all fail, but enough of them delaminate to make it a good first check if you have single side noise. If it's not the ebrake, you can always take it to the dealer. If it's a bearing, I'd suggest that "should" be covered under powertrain, but the reality is, they're odd about what is and isn't covered. For instance, a Throttle Position Sensor isn't covered under powertrain, despite the engine being useless without it. Go figure.
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