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New Titan owner with a quick question

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Hey everyone

First off I want to say thanks to everyone on the site. I bought a Titan about a month ago and this site has been great to check for any answers that I have needed. I have a question and haven't been able to find the right answer.

I have a 2007 Titan SE KC with 32k miles. My driver door handle messed up on me today. It is really loose and easy to pull. I have read some post about it being cold and people are having trouble with there doors, but it's been about 95 in TN so I know that's not the problem. Sometimes I can't get out of the truck and have to roll down the window and use the outside handle. Sometimes I cant get in the truck and have to roll down the window to get in.

Does anyone know what's inside the door that is causing this problem? Is it easy to fix or what it is. Thanks in advance
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Sounds like either the cable has come loose from the handle or has broken. You need to pull the door panel to see what's going on.
sounds like something is going on inside the door for sure. if you arent a DIY guy it's prob best to go have it taken care of. that would get annoying quick! if it's working half the time, then it might be something simple like an adjustment. do you have any kind of warranty?
I have an 05 XE with cable actuators and this happened to me recently. I pulled the panel off to find that the cable had come out of the tract. I put it back in and made some adjustments and now they are working fine. Hope it helps.
You have to take the door panel off, which involves a few screws and some clips. You can search for "door panel" or maybe "door panel removal" in this forum, or you can look in section EI of the service manual.

Once you get the door panel off, you need to look for broken or dislodged parts. There are cables for inside handle, outside handle, and lock knob. The ends can break off the cable, or they can become dislodged from their detent, or the detent can break. You can look in section BL of the service manual for the details.

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