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New Titan owner

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From an F150 to a new 17 Pro4X and not looking back here in Cape Girardeau MO.


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Thanks everyone. I'm running a rough country 6" lift, with xd buck 25 wrapped with general at2, and added a rough country light bar in the grill. I also installed a backflip mx4 tonneau cover. I'm looking to add performance parts as soon as more of them come onto the market. If you have any suggestions on any, let me know. Thanks
I'm getting 13.6-14.1 mpg, which is not great, but that's city driving. My Ford ecoboost was 15.3, had a cat back magnaflow, cai, and wasn't lifted. I don't have anything to complain about the Ford, I just like the layout, turning radius, and fit an finish of the titan. The materials seem to be nicer and the tolerances of the parts fitting and lining up are better. Plus the F150's lifted look a little top heavy. These are all personal opinions. I'm really happy with the truck, plus I'm the only one in the area with a lifted one!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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