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New to Forum. Introduction.

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Hello. I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Tom. I'm 38 years old. I live in the Wichita, Kansas area. Last Saturday I traded my red, 2005 2 wheel drive SE King cab short bed in on a silver 2008 4 wheel drive SE crew cab long bed. I really loved the '05 but my 3 year old son had leg room issues while riding in his car seat. He has all the room in the world now. My hobbies/interests include, but are no limited to; Hunting, fishing, camping, motorcycles, off-roading, beer ect. (you probably get the picture)

I'm looking forward to taking advantage of all the insights and information this forum has to offer. (So far I've been very impressed with the amount and quality of info here)

Well, that's about all I care to type for now.
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Welcome Tom!!!!

This is the best Titan forum on the web!!!

Enjoy your new ride!!!

I'm jealous!!!!!
Welcome to TT.
Glad to see you replaced a Titan with a Titan.
Welcome to TT Tom. Congrats on the new truck. Have fun soaking up all the info here:D
Good to see repeat buyers on here !!!!!!

Way to go Tom !!!

Enjoy that saweeeeeeeet truck !!!!
welcome Tom, that sounds like one sweet truck. you really upgraded....
2wd to 4wd, kc to cc, sb to lb. lets see some pics of that thing. once again, welcome. let us know if you need help w/ anything.
Welcome Tom,

This is by far the best Titan Forum out there.
Lot's of great stuff to learn here.
congrats and welcome to TT!

tho asl wasnt required, hehe. glad u got an 08. let us know how it behaves... :)
Thanks to all for the warm welcom. I've already learned quite a bit of interesting stuff including how to make my own cabin filters and how to vent my rear differential. Good stuff.

Once again, thanks to all.


P.S. goathead, your Sam Jackson/Jaws video made me spit coffee on my keyboard. Thanks. Now I get to try my hand at disassembling lo-tech electronics.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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