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Just stop in to say what up!
I bought a new truck cause my Chevy died after 12 years and 230,000 miles; damn I still miss my old truck.(No payments)
So far I've had my titan for about 6 months, and loving every minute of it. No regrets; out performers the old Chevy by 100 times.
I was a die hard Chevy fan up until my coworker bought a deck out CC SE.
After i saw his truck I told myself-man I got to get one of those that a badass truck.
I opted for the KC SE Majestic Blue. No real mods yet; cause I'm in credit card deth. Next year is a different story plan to buy CAI ,hi flow exhaust and some 22s.
That all a simple man like me needs.

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Welcome and enjoy the truck! Got ??????'s, just ask. We live to know everything! :lol: Seriously, good info here. Just ask. :thumbsup:
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