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I just picked up my 2008 Titan this past weekend and stumbled upon titantalk while looking for various google searches of fixing things. This certainly seems the right place to be for good advice on the truck. I'm swapping over from my old 1997 Ford F250 crew powerstroke. I love that truck, but I'm having to consolidate vehicles from having a daily commuter and a tow vehicle to a single vehicle that will do both. I picked the Titan for a couple reasons. For one, I've always been a Nissan fan. I've owned a number of them in the past and my wife's vehicle is currently a 2011 QX56 and previous to that a 2006 QX (and a G35 and a Maxima). I've owned a 200SX, 300ZX twin turbo, Maxima, and two Infiniti G20s. Second, one of the big reasons I went with the Titan is because it had the longest bed available in a true crew cab (none of that 4 door extended cab BS). It annoys me that most 1/2 ton trucks only come with a 5.5' bed. Once you put in a 2' tool box you end up with 3.5' of bed space. With the Titan I have 7'3" to fill up!

Anyway, the truck I picked up was definitely used as a truck and there are plenty of little flaws here and there that I'm working on fixing, but for the most part it's in pretty good shape. It looks like it had every available option selected when it was ordered. Leather, navigation, RF stereo, tow package, sun roof, rear seat DVD, the works. I'm looking forward to learning more about my new toy here!


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