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New owner used Titan. I purchased a used 04 Titan LE crew cab with 69k on it. I am like most others here have been lurking in the shadows the past few months researching options, issues and basically previewing the purchase. I have been a fairly loyal Nissan/Inifiniti owner the past 15yrs, so this is where my truck shopping started. Trying to find used Titans isnt like shopping for other brands and finding one locally was a wait and run type of situation. I was fortunate and the truck I found was in amazing condition for its age. I don't plan on it being my daily driver, mostly needed a truck to get me to my next fishing spot.
If anyone has any advice as far as upgrades, add-ons or things to look out for please feel free to send it my way. I am planning on adding CAI, and exhaust and have plenty of questions in regards to those. I have read through most of the threads but as usual my questions aren't readily answered all the time. Already did the axle vent mod, and hope I nipped that issue in the bud.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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