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isellm said:
Hi. My name is Ron and I'm a Nissan salesman.....

A customer of mine who is purchasing a Titan in the near future directed me to this site. I'm amazed that there is a Titan forum so soon after it's release.

If anyone has any questions that they feel aren't being answered by thier local dealer, please feel free to ask me. I'll try to respond promptly and with the correct answer.
Hi Ron,

As an Australian I have no brand loyalty to the big 3. I think the Titan is a fine vehicle that at a first look represents good value.

One thing that bothers me however is the required package "mix".

I would like the SE KC with utility bed package but need a 6-disc CD player and power driver's seat to get it. I don't understand the logic and frankly spending $1200 extra to get the bed package makes me think twice about the value of the whole deal. Also to get a LSD I need to buy all the other stuff in the Off-Road Package to get it.

If I consider the bed package and lack of standalone LSD then the Ford, Dodge and Chevy are much closer in value terms.

I think there is value in each package but is twisting the buyer's arm into getting ANOTHER package they may not want a good idea?

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tbeecher said:

I just read a note on another board that said the "The electronic locking differential will be available in April 2004 for the Nissan Titan."

They seem to shy away fro the LSD term..

Thanks Tony, is it standalone or a part of the OR package?

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cnatra said:
the electronic locking rear diff will be part of the offroad package

Off-Road Package
XE 4x4, SE 4x2 and 4x4, LE 4x4

• Rancho® shocks
• Lower final gear ratio (3.36:1); similar to a four-speed automatic 4.10:1
• 17" x 7.5" Aluminum-alloy wheels
• P285/70R17 B.F. Goodrich® Rugged Trail® OWL tires
• Skid plates - oil pan (4x2), transfer case (4x4), lower radiator (4x2 and 4x4)
• Fog lights (standard on LE)
• Active Brake Limited-slip (standard on all 4x4 models)
• Tow hooks (standard on all 4x4 models)
• Electronic locking differential (late availability)

a limited slip diff & a locking diff are NOT the same thing
Thanks. I was mixing up the Active Brake Limited-slip and the locking diff. It is only Limited-slip I am interested in. Again it looks like it is only in the OR pack not standalone.
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