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Hello im new here.. I have a 2006 350z with 25k and 12 months ago started a full race build. I had an sr20det going in and was all mounted almost ready to go until I bought a vk for the Z. I got my VK motor dirt cheap with the wants to rebuild it. I got a box of bolts and misc. hoses from the seller with the motor and there was this silver metal ball. I know it is most likely related to oil pressure but I have no idea where it goes. On my SR it went into the oil plate and sat under a spring. Im am unfamiliar with this motor and would like to know where this ball goes and hopefully Im not missing the pressure spring. Thanks for the help in advance.
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i have a vk56 completely tore apart and i never came across a steel ball. not unless it goes in the oil pump itself, thats the only thing i havent opened up yet. does the steel ball have any wear marks on it?
Yeah I found it. The pressure spring and ball actually sits inside the oil pump. There is a large hex cap that comes off and the spring is under it and under that is where the ball belongs.
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