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New to Titans, in Louisiana

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Sup guys,

Just picked up a 2006 Titan SE Crew Cab...wanted one of these for years and found one too good to pass up. Only big thing it really needs is to fix the clear coat on the roof. Drives like a much newer truck, very smooth and comfortable. Looking to handle a couple of minor issues, like replacing the cracked stereo/ac bezel. The Rockford Fosgate stereo sounds pretty good for factory and it's got a good bit of power. The kids love the power rear slider, was comparing this to a Tundra and the kids didn't like the Toyota, because of that rear slider!

Side note, probably not the best place for this, but this truck has the issue of the stereo/AC controls are not backlit. I changed the #36 fuse under the hood, its a 10 amp and was blown. But it made no change, the lights still do not come on. As best I can tell all other lights work fine. Dimmer also does not make any difference, not even on the gauge lights. Is there anything else I should check to get these working? Thanks....
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